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5 Tips To Keep Your Appliances Running Efficiently

by Reyna Thomas

Appliances are a necessary part of any home - they help to make our lives easier and more comfortable. But, like anything else, they need to be properly maintained in order to function at their best. So we’ve compiled simple tips on how to keep your appliances running efficiently. By following these steps, you can prolong the life of your appliances and avoid costly repairs down the road. Let’s get started!

1. Change and Clean Filters Regularly

One of the most important things you can do to keep your appliances running efficiently is to change and clean their filters regularly. This is important for your refrigerator, dryer, and dishwasher (yep, dishwashers have filters under the bottom rack). Over time, dirt, dust, or debris can build up in the filters, making them less effective at their job. This can lead to your appliance working harder than it needs to - which wastes energy and money and can shorten the lifespan of your appliance.

woman cleaning dryer filter

2. Don’t Overfill or Overload Appliances

Another common mistake people make is overloading or overfilling their appliances. Many people stuff too many clothes into their washing machine in a desperate attempt to manage less laundry overall (been there!). But this causes it to work harder than it needs to and adds extra stress to the motor and the tub bearings, which can cause costly repairs down the road. As for dishwashers - putting too many dishes into a cycle can leave them dirty, and your dishwasher backed up with debris and food.

Lastly, cramming your refrigerator to the max causes it to work harder to circulate the cold air to keep your food chilled. This wastes energy and money and decreases its lifespan. We know this is tempting after a Costco run, but we recommend considering a small fridge for the garage to avoid this happening.

3. Check Door Seals

One of the most common reasons for appliances to break down is because of faulty door seals. Over time, these seals can become loose or cracked. This leads to heat escaping from your oven, dishwasher, or dryer, or cold leaking from your refrigerator and freezer. This makes your appliance less efficient and can be a safety hazard when it comes to food. To check your door seals, simply put your hand near the seal while the appliance is running and see if you feel any drafts. If so, it’s time to have a pro come and replace it.

woman smelling stinky fridge

4. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs from Your Appliances

Appliances are complex machines. Like anything else, they can have problems from time to time. It’s important to make note of warning signs that something is wrong, such as strange noises or leaks. Don’t disregard the issue in the hopes that it will go away. A defect is likely to worsen over time and put stress on other components of your appliance, leading to a full breakdown (no one wants that!). So, it’s always best to have them checked out by a professional as soon as you notice a problem.

5. Read Appliance Manuals

One of the best ways to keep your appliances running efficiently is to simply read the manuals. We know that sounds painfully boring, but it will help you understand how to improve the life of your appliances. (And who knows? You could learn about a feature you didn’t know you had!) Every appliance is different, and each one has its own specific needs. By following the manufacturer’s directions, you can be sure that you’re using your appliances correctly and not inadvertently doing anything that could damage them.

Woman adjusting washing machine

6. Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks

Even if you follow all the tips above, it’s still a good idea to have your appliances checked by a professional on a regular basis. They can catch problems early on and prevent them from becoming bigger issues later. Professional maintenance checks are especially important for appliances that are used frequently or are critical to your home, like your stove or fridge.

woman upset about broken dishwasher

By following these tips, you can keep your appliances running efficiently for years to come. However, we know that appliances just don't last forever. If you're looking for a good deal on your next laundry appliance or kitchen appliance, stop by Logel Appliance or shop online today. And if you have any questions, just give us a call!